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22.04.2023 17:30
Underestimated, underused. The rifleman role in airsoft.
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23.04.2023 14:46
That was a very interesting read and good food for discussion. I agree that a lot of people don't want to go as a 'normal grunt' but it is the base of any good attack. You first should fill in that spot before adding anything else in the team. It's the word 'team' which is important. For berget, I don't care what people bring as a platform, they are treated the same way. So yes, they might bring snipers, dmr or MGs but their task is to play as a team. I believe that in airsoft it doesn't really matter what you carry, as long as you know your platform. The individual player will search for that 'hero moment' but as a team you get for the objective and support each other. It's also a thing to mention with you tubers, is that they always need to bring the new and fancy special stuff and other people want to do the same thing.