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19.11.2023 20:33
Airsofters like to ball on a budget. I think everyone can agree on that to a certain extent. When it comes to optics like LPVO's it might be hard to get some truly accurate information on them before you buy that makes choosing the right one difficult.

Because of this, we rely on word of mouth, written reviews, videos, etc. to help us make an educated decision. In the US, VisionKing has long been the standard recommendation if you wanted a scope but didn't want to spend a lot of money. I've had the opportunity to directly compare it to a competing optic from Feyachi, another budget optic brand, to see if it would stack up against the industry's local leader.

If you have a few moments, please read through the article I wrote on the topic to see how they performed!
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19.11.2023 20:34

Cool, I still use my old ACOG red dot, might be time for something new.