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23.11.2023 19:59
There has been silence, there has not been a followed schedule for the last few months. First off, I still love making videos and more videos will be coming!

But, I'm moving to Sweden.

This move will take a lot of preparation and on site adjusting. Unfortunately they don't speak Dutch, so I also need to learn a new language. This combined with a full time job and the growth of Airsofter World, made me make the call to not follow the 'weekly video' schedule.

A few years ago I suffered from a burnout and making videos brought me back. It brings me joy, it calms me down and I can express my love for the game by showing my view on it. Spreading this energy is something that I will be coming back to as soon as I can.

I met amazing people on my journey and tend to meet a whole lot more in the future!

But, living in Sweden brings me closer to amazing airsoft fields, not only in Sweden but also in Norway and Finland. This will give me the chance to show you the beauties those countries have to offer.

Thank you for your support and I'll see you in the next video!
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23.11.2023 23:37

Hey man!
Happy to read this. Hope you find your way fast in Sweden. Don't forget to enjoy all of this!

24.11.2023 14:26
Thanks! It's going to be chaos first but I'll sure enjoy the stuff happening!
24.11.2023 19:41

Ahhh just admit it, you love chaos because it gives you an opportunity to turn it into order. :-)

25.11.2023 23:19

Hahaha, usually it does. But now... I don't know yet :D