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11.06.2024 12:46
Eat or DIE!
Food you need for a 4 day Airsoft game.
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What do you bring do a big game to keep your body going? A difficult question to answer for a lot of people. I spend a lot of time perfecting my nutrition intake to keep me going on those longer games.

Food and fluids is as important as any other piece of kit that you use during the game. You can have the best gear, rifles, vehicles, structure, ... if your body says, NOPE. All that fancy stuff is useless.

In this video I go over all the things I eat and drink and why.
I go into detail about the timings and schedule I make before the game and how I made those decisions.

I like to learn about food and fluids so if you have any tips, please let me know so I can improve my system even more.

Link to the blog post,

Enjoy the video!
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