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17.06.2024 12:22
Good morning to you fellow 'softers, and I trust this finds you well and happy!

Just to let you know that ISSUE 163 of AIRSOFT ACTION went live on Saturday, and I’m pleased to report it’s already getting great traffic!

If you haven’t seen it already from the social shares that are already going on, you can check it out FREE on the AA website here

And there's even an interview with Rob about the AIRSOFTER WORLD GAMES in this issue ;)

As always, thank you for your very valued support and for reading; ISSUE 164 (15 JULY) will be our now-annual themed “Summer Special”, but then it’s back to “business as usual” for ISSUE 165… which is filling up fast!

Wishing you all the very best,

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17.06.2024 19:39

It's very nice to see Airsofter World in the Airsoft Action magazine!