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30 June 2024
Total number of players 20
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Rebel, Rebel

Event type: Weekend Event , Organizer: SAASMaine

United States of America, Maine, Linneus, 2024-06-30

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Organizer: SAASMaine
Location: United States of America, Maine, Linneus, 2024-06-30
Event type: Weekend Event
Polygon: SAASMaine
Number of players: 20
Expected index X 0
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
12 USD
Start date: 30.06.24
Start time: 8:00:00
End date: 30.06.24
End time: 15:00:00

Event rules description

The Op
To better eliminate the growing rebellion, the government has hired PMCs to crush the rebellion before it goes ever further.

The Belligerents

  • Blue Team – “Rebel Militia”. The militia is a ragtag bunch of non-soldiers who are simply trying to survive.
  • Green Team – “PMC”. Professional mercenaries tasked with crushing the militia and any possibility of further revolution.

As always, this is not a strict reenactment. Please come as you are!